Cognizant Strategies®: Personal Leadership Development

Cognizant Strategies: Personal Leadership Development is an intense and effective process for advancing personal growth and corporate success.  Designed for highly successful and influential leaders, such as CEO's, senior managers, and executives, participants gain profound power for discerning behaviors, interactions, and human dynamics. Managers become more intelligent in a dramatic and accelerated way. What is often thought of as maturity, needing years to develop, can be gained in a matter of eight months with the participant's commitment to the process. Co-workers will recognize growth in personality and leadership.

Every leader's success is enhanced through developing a deep understanding and rapid enhancement of his or her own capability for strategic thinking, leadership, communication, and change process.Cognizant Strategies is a catalyst for a powerful accelerated development of these capabilities. Managers will quickly develop their full personal capacity, being able to use their potential and strength in a strategic way; their existing base of applied skills and knowledge will be better integrated with intuition and wisdom.

Cognizant Strategies is a guided learning process. Working in private sessions with Dr. Beatrice Aebi-Magee, participants uncover the roots of behavioral patterns and build alternative behaviors and steering mechanisms. The application of this learning is to better influence others, be more strategic and proactive, and exhibit a precise and authentic leadership style. Includes seven to nine months of weekly one-on-one sessions.

Key Player Performance Program

The Key Player Performance Program rapidly and strategically boosts the development of the most valuable current and future management personnel in a company. This is Aebi Systems' most complete and powerful offering for rapidly advancing personal growth and corporate success. 

The CEO or general manager selects key strategic players to participate in this eight-month intensive program. Each eight-month round includes additional strategic members, creating a lasting cultural change and continuity of leadership effectiveness. After completing the first eight-month intensive, participants may advance further and on a long term basis, with Key Player Level 2.  Highly talented individuals benefit tremendously from these intense interactive sessions. Their existing base of skills and knowledge becomes better integrated with intuition, strategy and wisdom. Dr Aebi-Magee's unusual ability to perceive matters beyond the range of common perception and her extensive psychological knowledge provide key players with profound power for discerning behaviors, interactions and human dynamics. Every leader's success is enhanced through developing an accurate understanding of human dynamics, communication and change process.The kind of learning that takes place in the Key Player Performance Program is of a personal nature. This guided process helps key players uncover the roots of behavioral patterns and build alternative behaviors and steering mechanisms. The application of this learning is to better influence others, be more strategic and proactive and exhibit an intentional and authentic leadership style.The awareness of one's own power and how to use it, allows managers to become re-energized. Ready to remove barriers, managers widen their scope of knowledge and catalyze group energy for synergy and stress reduction. Completing the Key Player Performance Program means a manager is also ready to apply and teach these methods to subordinates and co-workers. Includes weekly one-on-one two-hour sessions. Level 2 Continuation is available on a bi-weekly basis after completing one or more phases.

Building Duogenic® Leadership Power

Duogenic Leadership Power is for clients who desire to freely explore advancing intelligence, personal power, and effectiveness in all aspects of life. When you understand Duogenic leadership power, you will know how to rapidly enhance your intelligence, become more aware of yourself, connect better with others, become a strong and respected leader, and have a greater impact in life. Others around you will notice your confidence. You will discover that people want to follow your lead because of who you are. Includes seven to ten months of weekly or bi-weekly private sessions with Dr. Beatrice Aebi-Magee.

Enhancing Endogenic® Intelligence

Endogenic intelligence is gained through knowledge of the state of mind where everything you think, feel, or do is connected to the present moment. In that moment, your thoughts, feelings, and actions become known to you. Participants will discover how to advance intelligence through an extreme heightened sense of awareness and performance. With this knowledge, your thoughts and actions are creative, original, and genuine. You connect with others, listen receptively, and are responsive, compassionate, and empathetic. In the business environment, this translates into personal power and genuine leadership. Includes seven to ten months of weekly or bi-weekly private sessions with Dr. Beatrice Aebi-Magee.

Exogenic® Business Strategy

Exogenic business strategy is produced through a top-down approach and is subsequently burdened with conflicting goals, expectations and repetition that stifles creativity and out-of-the-box solutions. Participants learn a methodology for breaking down highly complex business challenges into smaller pieces without losing the scope of the whole. By learning to distinguish top-down strategies from bottom-up strategies, participants apply these distinctions to flow charts and diagrams using Duogenic cartography. The resulting visualizations represent the structure or bones of the challenge. This prepares the way for separating the emotionally evoked aspects from the factual aspects and provides a superior method for advancing strategic thinking, planning, and leadership. 

Strategic Development Program

The Strategic Development Program is a powerful process that advances strategic drive and collaboration within an executive group. The Program provides a strong motivating force and participants become more responsive to the groups' needs.

The process catalyzes rapid and permanent change through increasing the capability of individual participants. The result is an organization that advances its charter in the most efficient manner possible. Collaboration is enhanced by removing all barriers that exist from diversity of characters and personal style among senior managers. The Strategic Development Program is offered to a Program Sponsor (high level executive) and his or her key strategic direct reports. Working in private sessions with Dr. Beatrice Aebi-Magee, participants solve their most challenging problems and thought processes related to the success of the organization.By working concurrently with all strategic players in a group, participants develop and maintain a common approach toward collaboration that is consistent with the corporate culture and individual leadership styles. This program is designed for fast-paced organizations where efficiency and productivity of executive staff are paramount and urgent.Each twelve-month implementation phase includes monthly or bi-weekly two-hour meetings. The Program Sponsor and each direct report meet one-on-one with Dr. Beatrice Aebi-Magee. Additional meetings are scheduled periodically to provide extensive working sessions. Group observation sessions are also performed as needed.This program is intended to be ongoing, allowing the Program Sponsor to create a profoundly deep and lasting cultural change with greater leadership effectiveness and corporate success. The Program is designed for up to 8 concurrent participants. Participants must have completed (or be currently enrolled in) the Aebi Systems Key Player Program.

Team Assessments

Team Assessments are designed to help managers rapidly build new teams or prepare for significant challenges with maximum input from team members.  The service provides a rapid assessment of team strength and potential for improvement with feedback to the manager on strategies for realizing the team's full potential.Team Assessments are often requested by managers enrolled in the Key Player Performance Program, Strategic Development Program or Cognizant Strategies For Leadership.Team Assessments Include

Each team member is interviewed by Dr. Aebi-Magee to assess the team's strength, commitment, motivation, alignment, individual roles, personal styles and potential for personal development.  Meetings are confidential to the extent that individual remarks are not relayed. Input is provided to manager anonymously.
Feedback is provided to participating manager on strategies for realizing the team’s full potential. Individual assessments of team members are not provided.