The Duogenic Leader takes you on a journey of human discovery. Seeing the Endogenic and Exogenic states in yourself and others leads to startling realizations about awareness, confidence, and authenticity that help you live a richer and more meaningful life. For business professionals, this manifests in a new and deeper understanding of human dynamics, communication, charisma, learning, and leadership.

Excerpts: The Duogenic Leader

Endogenic and Exogenic

The states of Endogenic and Exogenic lead you on characteristically different paths. These two paths produce different outcomes, and over time, they result in profoundly different life stories.

The Power of Uncertainty

Uncertainty allows you to continue to question and discover. It allows you to surpass the collective common opinions that all tend to be similar. It is the key to thoughtfulness and wisdom.

The Feedback Effect

The feedback effect refers to the long-term negative impact on personal development caused by relying too much on Exogenic feedback.


There are two kinds of self-awareness. One kind is about experiencing yourself, and the other kind is about measuring yourself. Endogenic self-awareness and Exogenic self-awareness are opposites. By pursuing both kinds of self-awareness, people bring forth their full potential.

Action Bias

What many people do when they feel overwhelmed is spring into action.

Charismatic Speaking

Creating this marriage between content and personal truth is a bond that enables you to say what you mean.


A common symptom of low Endogenic confidence is to behave entitled. Entitlement is a substitute for Endogenic fulfillment. Individuals lacking Endogenic confidence also lack fulfillment in life. They will seek fulfillment from outside of themselves in the form of gratification and rewards for their socially desired accomplishments, but no quantity of Exogenic accomplishments can create fulfillment.


Exogenic dominance, coupled with a lack of Endogenic reliance among leaders, is what stifles innovation and creativity in an organization. All innovation comes from being in the Endogenic state. There is no other way to innovate. The more a company can nurture and support Endogenic reliance on all levels and balance it with Exogenic reliance, the more innovation and creativity will unfold.


Endogenic motivation is like a hunger where we latch onto a pursuit because it feels like it is meant for us.


If our Endogenic reliance is weak, a crisis can easily turn into a deep identity crisis.