"When I started working with Beatrice (I was already a director) my career took off."

"That there is order in my random madness I have learned from Beatrice. It has absolutely increased my confidence. I execute with far more accuracy."

"Being promoted to GM would not have been possible without Beatrice. I've become much more strategic and successful as a result."

"I never thought of using awareness as a tool until working with Beatrice. There is tremendous power when you eliminate your blind spots and instead draw on your full awareness right in the moment of a highly stressful meeting or confrontation. Suddenly you have full command of a situation that in the not so distant past would have been a miserable failure. Beatrice has the ability to teach profound concepts that engineers such as myself have not come across before.  As a leader, I have advanced dramatically in ways that I likely never would have learned on my own or through any leadership class or book.”

"The work Beatrice does is different from what a manager or executive coach can offer. To begin with, the process is very intense. The meetings are demanding and inspiring. This is an aggressive, rigorous process that forever alters how you will use your strength and leadership for corporate impact. This kind of asset building is for the brightest and best in a company.”

"I would have quit my job if it weren't for the opportunity to work on my personal leadership development with Beatrice."

"I negotiated to be able to work with Beatrice as part of my promotion."

"I told my boss that Beatrice is the key to retain me."

"Because of you I am a better person."

"When I try to explain what I have gained from these sessions it is so much and hard to explain but this process has definitely made me smarter."

"I have never done any work to improve myself as meaningful as this before."

"I've only had one person in my life that I was able to talk to like this (my cousin). He lives far away and we have changed and I've missed it ever since until now."

"I'm always amazed how accurately you understand complexities given very little information."

"I've never experienced anybody connecting the dots of human complexities so quickly and accurately."

"I've never met anyone with a better memory than yours."

"Working with Beatrice saved my marriage."

"The best listener I've ever seen."

"I have learned to trust myself. I am now much quicker to implement what I believe in."

"You have made me see that I can build on my strength. I've always tried to work on my weaknesses. While I was thinking I was developing I had only made incremental progress before."

"This is a situation where everything changes but nothing has changed."

"I am 56 years old. I've had a steep career. I always wanted a mentor. You are my first mentor."

"If it wasn't for what I am learning with Beatrice I would have left my job."

"If it wasn't for Beatrice I wouldn't have been able to appreciate my boss."

"I've never met anyone that could comprehend so quickly with such little information."

"Because of what I learned from you I know I can always overcome my insecurities."

"I always thought that this was an oddness of me. Now I know why it makes sense."