Beatrice Aebi-Magee, PhD

Beatrice Aebi-Magee, PhD

Beatrice Aebi-Magee helps the most talented executives and rising star managers by building knowledge upon and out of their existing work reality. Cognizant Strategies® is a powerful accelerated development of capabilities. Participants quickly uncover the roots of behavioral patterns and build alternative behaviors and steering mechanisms. The application of this learning is to better influence others, be more strategic, have greater intelligence and exhibit a precise and authentic leadership style. Clients develop their full personal capacity and use their potential and strength in a strategic way. The result is greater success.

Beatrice founded Aebi Systems in 1994. She has helped hundreds of executives and managers improve their companies and advance their careers. Her clients include fortune 100 companies, smaller public companies and individuals in leadership positions.

Dr. Aebi-Magee is a native of Switzerland. Her educational background is extensive including:

  • PhD Psychology, University of Zürich
  • Psychoanalyst Title under the 7 year direction of Dr. Emil Gruetter, Freud-Institut Zürich, and Psychoanalytical Institute Zürich
  • Masters (lic.phil.I) Psychology and Educational Theory, University of Zürich
  • Associate Degree of Business, KV Zürich Business School
  • Swiss Federal Maturity Certificate, Latin and Modern Languages

After a 10-year career in business administration, Beatrice obtained a PhD in Psychology, earned the title of Psychoanalyst and opened a private practice Zürich's business district. Here she developed a new concept for quickly advancing the leadership effectiveness of influential business executives.

In 1990 Beatrice introduced her methodology to Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund, one of the largest companies in Europe, with over 85,000 employees. There she successfully developed the basis of her Cognizant Strategies® for Leadership. This included a strategic Management Development System and Europe's first internal one-on-one executive leadership consulting service.